Lyø rundt

This weekend, after years, it’s time for a regatta. The traditional regatta Lyø rund is sailed. In 1998 Fuchur took first place and in 1999 second place in its category. Let’s see what comes out this year ?! Ver. 2.0

Because of the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR changes had to be done on the site. Now it can be commented compliant with the new law. Since the page had to be touched because of that anyway, the design has also been changed. Now you can surf on cell phones and other mobile devices more comfortably. The “refit” of the site was made by my friend “Martinmann”. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

Jaguar 25 meeting

An idea becomes reality after a long time. On 31.05. the first Jaguar 25 meeting takes place in Gelting. Since we Jaguar 25 owners are not the majority on the water, I’m even more pleased that we got the first meeting organized with three boats. You can find a detailed report on the meeting soon on this page. I wish everyone a nice trip to Geltig and look forward to seeing you!   

Magazine “Segeln” (Sailing)

Now it’s time – the german magazine “Segeln” (Sailing) has become aware of Fuchur and brings a report in the April issue. You can already read a section of the article on the magazine page I am soo proud !!!

End of the season

The sailing season 2018 is unfortunately over again. For the longer tours there was not enough time this year because of the refit, but a few smaller trips and afterworksailing is also very nice. Since Saturday Fuchur is back on land. The fear of scratches in the film when slipping was completely unfounded. Absolutely nothing happened and the film still looks fantastic. Unfortunately, there are a few months sailing abstinence now, but the time is used to make some improvements Read more…